Access potential app design / building work by getting certified.

You can be design and/or build certified.

It should take no longer than 4 hours to achieve either design or build certification, and of course a little longer if doing both.

Certification is based on the learn mydigitalstructure Quick Start guide and associated design and building guides.

We have created a certification tracking template to help you track your certification.

Certification Tracking Template

We have certification vouchers (AUD$150) available to support any one successfully completing the certification - email us @ to find out more.


Based on the design quick start guide ...

Certification validates that you have a working understanding of:

  • Why structured information is important to an organisaion (enterprise).
  • How they can control/program/use the internet to help themselves (as an organisation) and also help others that manage an organisations.
  • Exposure to the information engineering cycle and how it relates to the 4Cs of collaboration, communication, creativity & critical reflection.
  • Understanding user roles & activities (processes).

The information engineering cycle is a key concept within this certification;

Information Engineering and the 4Cs

Observing & Listening

(Communication & Collaboration)

Listen to understand, using "Ask why?". Learning that sometimes what people believe to be the problem is not always the problem that needs to be solved when you explore deeper with "why?" questions.


(Creativity & Collaboration)

Taking the why and creatively determine what to do and how to do it. Use your own, and other peoples, critical reflections to shape the best outcome.


(Communication & Collaboration)

Take the what and how and work with people to implement the solution. In this case to engineer and build better information services for the organisation.


(Critical Reflection)

Evaluate waht worked and what didn't and reflect on how you, the process, the people or the product impacted the outcome. Then repeat the cycle by listening again with deeper understanding of self and others.

Start Design Certification


Based on the build quick start guide ...

Certification validates that you have a working understanding of:

  • Creating spaces & managing users
  • Setting up user roles
  • Creating the UI for an app
  • Creating functionality using controllers (own and util)
  • Working with the data object structure
  • Adding own structures
  • Testing
  • Going live

Start Build Certification


Once you completed the tasks for the certification you are looking to achieve then we will run a 15min zoom meeting to verify the tasks you have completed.

  • Design
    Discuss the design with you.
  • Build
    Complete a small change to the UI.


As a certification applicant you will be provided with access to at no cost.

If you need help, send us an email @

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